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Energy Saving TrustAbout Homewise

What is the Homewise web tool?

Gain insights and help your customers save energy by delivering tailored energy advice.

This energy advice tool has been designed to offer householders a simple and intuitive way to model energy use and explore ways they can alter their property and behaviours to reduce energy use, lower bills and save carbon.

Whether someone is looking to save money on their energy bills, reduce their carbon emissions or achieve a particular energy efficiency standard, the Homewise advice tool can offer recommendations that are tailored and bespoke.

The tool achieves this by utilising an industry leading domestic energy model, known as 'Dynamic Engine', which is capable of simulating individual properties in detail and identifying the optimum package of improvements. It can help householders to understand energy use at home, ways to reduce their consumption and how they can meet their energy needs from low carbon technologies.

By answering a series of questions the tool can build an energy model of a property and calculate energy demand for a variety of uses, ranging from heating and hot water to lighting and electrical appliances. This information is used to help identify sensible recommendations that can be grouped into a plan and tailored to customer's needs.

From domestic energy assessors and installers who engage with householders on an individual basis, to distribution network operators and local authorities with greater interest in communities, Homewise can help drive action and draw unique insights from your customers and their properties.